The 43rd WorldSkills Competition 2015, São Paulo, Brazil

The 43rd WorldSkills Competition 2015, São Paulo, Brazil

Announcement Date: 11.08.2015

The most important event of 2015 in the sphere of skilled professions turned out to be a success for the Russian national team and the whole WorldSkills Russia Movement. WorldSkills Competition 2015, which took place in São Paulo from August 11 to August 15, became the second and the most fruitful WorldSkills Competition for our country. After four days of the Competition, having come 14th in overall standings, overtaking the USA, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and many other countries, Russian team members won 6 prestigious Medallions of Excellence. Intense trainings, capabilities pushed to the limits and the common joy of Kazan’s victory in the battle to host the Competition in 2019 – WSC 2015 became the most serious challenge for WorldSkills Russia and the most important stage for the Movement’s development in our country.


Kazan’s win is our win

On August 10 within the framework of the WorldSkills Competition 2015 General Assembly in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a traditional vote to choose the host country of WorldSkills Competition 2019 was taken. As a result of tough competition between the candidate–cities, Kazan won the bid to host WorldSkills Competition 2019. Three cities – Paris (France), Charleroi (Belgium) and Kazan – fought for the right to host WorldSkills Competition 2019; official delegates of 57 WorldSkills International countries–members participated in the vote.


Russia’ bid was officially presented by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Olga Golodets, Acting President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, ‘Rosatom’ State Atomic Energy Corporation CEO Sergey Kiriyenko, President of the Union ‘WorldSkills Russia’ Pavel Chernykh and Director for International Relations Department of the Union ‘WorldSkills Russia’ Alina Doskanova.


In compliance with the regulations, each country had 20 minutes to present its bid. According to the rules, in order to win a country-candidate had to receive not less than 29 votes. The voting results showed that there was no absolute majority the first round – Kazan fell short of just one vote. Kazan obtained 28 votes, Paris received 24 votes and Charleroi came third with 5 votes, so the country-candidates went through to the second round.

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Paris, which was considered as a favorite of the voting, was 4 votes behind Kazan, so both our country and France could become the capital of WorldSkills Competition 2019. However, the Russian delegation’s sincere performance, a vivid and profound promo video and the Russian cosmonauts’ address from the International Space Station became an important addition to Kazan’s bid. Kazan won with a margin of 5 votes and became the capital of the 45th WorldSkills Competition 2019. According to the results of the second round of voting, 31 countries gave their votes to the Tatarstan capital, while Paris received 26 votes. The emotions, joy and applause of the Russian delegation and the official representatives of those WSI countries who voted for Russia were heard far beyond the borders of the General Assembly hall.


Robert Urazov, Union ‘WorldSkills Russia’ Director General:

‘Kazan’s battle to host WorldSkills Competition 2019 was, of course, a significant moment for the whole WorldSkills Russia Movement. Paris and the Belgian city of Charleroi also fought for this right, and Paris remained a favorite to the very end. However, it turned out that we do not only have the best city, but we also have the strongest and most dedicated team. Our country’s bid was presented by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Olga Golodets, Acting President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the ‘Rosatom’ State Corporation CEO Sergey Kiriyenko, I would like to extend my special gratitude to them for their support and contribution to the WorldSkills Russia Movement. I also would like to thank the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, its CEO Andrey Nikitin and the Director of the ‘Young Professionals’ division Dmitry Peskov for their great contributions to our common deed; not only our win but the whole WorldSkills Russia Movement would be impossible without them. Skills development in accordance with the best world standards is a priority for the development of our country’s education and economy. Hosting of WorldSkills Competition 2019 by the city of Kazan, the ‘third capital of Russia’, will be a significant step for our country and will allow us to prove our excellence and high level of expertise in hosting international competitions.’



6 Medallions of Excellence

WorldSkills São Paulo Competition became the largest competition in the history of the WorldSkills International Movement. 1189 participants and more than 1100 experts from over 60 countries performed in dozens of skill competitions throughout 4 days, demonstrating the highest level of expertise in a large variety of skilled professions, from patisserie and confectionery and hairdressing to industrial control and aircraft maintenance.

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Competitors awarded a ‘Medallion of Excellence’:

Alexander Goniashvili, Skill ‘Cooking’

Maria Syntsova, Skill ‘Restaurant Service’

Dmitry Martyntsev, Skill ‘IT Network Systems Administration’

Alexander Kornaukhov and Konstantin Krementsov, Skill ‘Mechatronics’

Viktor Panteyev, Skill ‘Electrical Installations’

Igor Podryadchikov, Skill ‘Hairdressing’.


The scores of WorldSkills Competition 2015 participants:

The scores of all Competition participants on the 500–point scale:

The Best of Nation’ medal holders


Long and persistent trainings had their effect: the Russian national team’s performance was top–notch despite the differences in preparation. In the skill competition ‘Restaurant Service’ Russia put on a real show and won one of the ‘Medallions of Excellence’. The Russian national team member and holder of the ‘Medallion of Excellence’ Maria Syntsova completed a difficult module ‘flambé‘ – a cooking procedure in which dish is covered in alcohol to be set on fire in front of visitors – better than anyone and was rewarded with long applause of the audience.


Мария Синцова

Maria Syntsova

Maria Syntsova, Skill ‘Restaurant Service’: ‘The most important thing of being a waiter is catching the moment when you have to pull a pan with a mere flick of a wrist so that steam would grab flames jumping into the pan. The eyes of guests and spectators shine as bright as a dessert stewing in exotic liquor.’

According to Daria Sheykina, another Russian national team member, who performed in the skill ‘Graphic Design Technology’, the test projects were incredibly hard, but the goal set by all competitors had always be interesting. One of this skill competition modules was developed by a hired designer who had participated in WorldSkills 2005. The task was to design a logo and a poster for WorldSkills Foundation, the best work will be used in this November in India. A force majeure occurred while competitors were completing the task: their work was interrupted to set a new goal – design of a medal set for winners, which was unexpected. However, the situation had its own advantages – no one knew about this task, so it put everyone on an equal footing and attracted competitors with the fact that it demanded to design something fresh and innovative. Something that will definitely be of use in future.



Daria Sheykina


Daria Sheykina, Russian national team member, Skill ‘Graphic Design Technology’:

‘The most difficult module was the third day of the Competition – design of a gift wrap for a hotel bath kit: a body lotion, a soap and a box with cotton wool and cotton buds. All these items had to be placed into the designed package in a special way – so that no more than two items would go out beyond the package per no more than 50% or these items could be seen in the chopped window of a box. Also, we had to develop and place into the box a brochure with product description. The test project was really difficult and creative, but by the end of the day on the table of each participant one could see an interesting box designed from the scratch in just 5 hours!’

WorldSkills Russia Competitors and Experts took into account the experience of previous competitions and, in particular, prepared and sent to Brazil their own high-quality tool boxes, therefore providing significant aid to their work. Moreover, they conducted large-scale trainings and trained persistently, which is why the Russian national team managed to demonstrate great results in the most severe competition.


All 32 WorldSkills Russia national team members did their best and showed great results at each stage of the Competition. That was just a second WorldSkills Competition for our country and the first competition for which our team was preparing having at least some experience. Nevertheless, the results satisfied almost everyone: now we know for sure that the WorldSkills Russia team can not only participate but also take winning places, and our guys have big potential.


Robert Urazov, Union ‘WorldSkills Russia’ Director General:

‘That is, indeed, a victory. I visited workshops and saw the guys working, so I can confidently say that everyone did their best using all their energies if not more. A world competition always means a very tough battle and very strong participants who are difficult to compete with. Of course, our level of preparation differs from those of other participants, but the result which Russia’s national team demonstrated in Sao Paulo indicates that we’re developing very actively and quickly.

In 2013 we took part in WorldSkills Leipzig just to see what’s going on at the world Competition, but now most of the participants consider us a strong contender who overtook many countries in the most difficult skills. We have 6 ‘Medallions of Excellence’ – that is the proof that the guys did everything possible and overcame themselves. I would like to thank the Russian Team’s Experts, Team Leaders and tutors from our regions for preparing the guys so well, this is our common victory. We’re going to train even harder for the next Competition in Abu Dhabi, I’m sure that someone with the Russian flag in his hands will be standing on the pedestal.’


Overall results of the 43rd WorldSkills Competition 2015:







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