Anastasiya Lasachenko

Anastasiya Lasachenko

18 y.o,


Anastasiya Lasachenko is a third year student of the agricultural college of Velikoselsky rural settlement of the municipal district of the Yaroslavl region. In May she became the Champion of WorldSkills Russia Moscow Region Competition and by December had already travelled almost all over the world, learning from the most experienced florists. In December Anastasia will be representing our country at EuroSkills Competition.

Nastya was first introduced to WorldSkills movement in 2015, while working as a volunteer at the semi-finals of the WorldSkills Russia National Competition. «I’ve found out what real floristry meant only in 2015. Being a freshman-volunteer, I was looking at the participants of the semi-finals with a great admiration. It was the first time when I wished to be like them and try my hand at floristry. It was my dream and one year later – already a reality”

Nastya’s first step towards her big dream was her participation in the WorldSkills Tatarstan Regional Competition. It was a success following which was the semi-final of the “Young Professionals” WorldSkills Russia National Competition, that enabled her to take part in WoldSkills Russia National Competition, where again she managed to become a Champion.

“I’ve won four Competitions already, and it’s crazy to think that only some time ago it all seemed to be just a big dream. All the winners are constantly being asked the same question: “How does it feel to be a Champion?” My answer is unambiguous – it is challenging. Any victory, from the try-out to finals, is not a coincidence. You train every day, work on your skills and fully devote yourself to it”

Within the frame work of Russia’s national team training and preparation program for the EuroSkills Competition the Russian Champion was taught by the best florists in Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Sevastopol, Georgia, China and Latvia. Working under the guidance of professional florists Nastya had acquired the modern techniques of preparing bouquets, wedding accessories, working with pot flowers, creating large-scaled installations, classic Christmas wreaths, New Year interior installations in a low pot, Christmas framed gift bouquets and also the principles and requirements of window dressing.

“Despite having already participated in numerous international internship programs I still consider this to be only the beginning of my way. I would very much like to do an internship in Germany, with Georg Lersch, who is a genius arranger that has developed a philosophic approach to floristry”

Between her lessons and preparations Nastya organizes floristry workshops for adults and children at schools and orphanages. After graduating from college she wants to continue learning floristry with the help of best specialists in Russia and abroad, raise her professional qualification, participate in the preparation of young specialists and maybe even become a Chief Expert.

After the EuroSkills Competition Nastya will also represent our country at WorldSkills Abu-Dhabi 2017. However, before that the young florist will be taking part in team training in Finland, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany and Australia.

“Regardless of all the difficulties, great strain and lack of free time I still love what I do. I like looking for new things, trying to find myself. And the opportunity to represent our region and country at Skills Competitions only makes me more motivated”