Andrey Baryshnikov

Andrey Baryshnikov

19 years old, Moscow


Andrey is one of the most active members of the WorldSkills movement. He had participated in 6 Skills competitions already and even managed to perform as an Expert. In December Andrey will for the second time in his life attend a World Competition, which will be the EuroSkills. He might be training Russia’s national team for international competitions years later.

“Andrey can “think” really well with his hands and knows everything inside and out,” says Maxim Kokhov, WorldSkills Russia Expert, about the young joiner.

Andrey Baryshnikov is a final year student of Moscow College of Architecture and Construction № 7. He has joined the WorldSkills movement last year, while participating in the semi-finals of the WorldSkills Russia National Competition and winning the lead without any training. Then he took part in the National Final where again won the gold medal.

Andrey continued mastering his professional skills and in August 2015 he participated in WorldSkills Competition in Brasil. Then, in May 2016 he non-competitively took part in WoldSkills Russia National Competition where he managed to produce steadily positive results.  He had also participated in CIS WorldSkills Competition, where again ranked first. At WorldSkills Hi-Tech in Yekaterinburg Andrey had for the first time tried himself as an Expert.

“The Experts and Trainers say I could work for WorldSkills and teach at college where I study now. In three years I will be able to become an Expert for WorldSkills Russia myself and train our champions for the international competitions,” says Andrey.