Dennis D’Angelo


Dennis D’Angelo

17 years old, Moscow


Dennis was born in a small town Caserta in southern Italy. After graduating from school he moved to Russia to apply to the Moscow College of Architecture and Construction. The boy’s talents haven’t been left unnoticed and soon Dennis was sent to his first ever WorldSkills Competition. After winning at WorldSkills Russia and Skills Belarus Dennis managed to get into WorldSkills Russia first team and soon he will demonstrate his talent at EuroSkills Sweden.

Dennis is actively preparing for the upcoming event. He is training every day, and after his classes he is doing theatrics. “My theatre group helps me a lot to overcome the fear of performing at competitions, as they are held in open workshops under the spotlight of several Experts and thousands of visitors”

In the beginning Dennis wanted to become an architect, but by some coincidence he entered the Faculty of Applied and Decorative Arts. At college Dennis was getting ready for the WorldSkills Russia National Competition where he won the first place, having accomplished the test project at the stated time – only a few competitors managed to do this.

“In the future I would like to design furniture by myself and my victories at WorldSkills competitions make me closer to my dream!”