Manko Alisa


Manko Alisa

19 years old, Chelyabinsk


Alisa and her workmate Vladislav are the pioneers of their skill at EuroSkills as this is the first time that Entrepreneurship will be introduced into WorldSkills Competition’ skills list. However, they will soon become able to actualize their business projects and share experience with next generations of young entrepreneurs who will also decide to learn what WorldSkills actually means.

Alisa studies at Business College №11 alongside with Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting “Ostankino”. Despite her hectic schedule Alisa keeps on developing her business skills at trainings and WorldSkills Competitions. She has already won two gold and one silver medals at the WorldSkills Russia Regional Competition and at WoldSkills Russia National Competition 2016.

“Thanks to WorldSkills Competitions I have learnt how to actually “learn”. A test project is usually divided into modules and I found out how to set goals on each module and gradually reach them. Now I use this method with any challenges in all spheres of my life. And one more thing – winning the WorldSkills Competition has boosted my self-confidence and also gave me an opportunity to meet many new people.”

Alisa has generated numerous interesting business ideas while accomplishing the test projects and aims to develop them into real projects as soon as she quits her competition career.

“I think I have learnt all I need to start my own business in course of developing in my competence. I would like to keep in touch with WorldSkills movement to help the next winners in our skill and make their learning process easier and clearer.”

Alisa’s talent in entrepreneurship in not her only one: she has graduated from two music schools, writes music by herself and loves art in all its forms. “I am trying to find a balance between business and creativity, economics and art. I want to develop as a creative director, create something new and change the world around me.”