Roman Rodenko

Roman Rodenko

Landscape Gardening

18 years old, Serpukhov

Roma is a sophomore of Schyolkovo College. He has already had a chance to work on the project of planting greenery at Brateevo park in Moscow and beautification of Obraztsovo cottage settlement. In December Roma is to take part on his competence at EuroSkills Competition in Sweden, where he will perform  together with his work mate Anastasiya Barantseva.

“I was interested in landscape gardening since childhood, and this has also been our family occupation: my father is engaged in beautification and planting of large-scaled projects all around Moscow and Moscow Region. So, I am happy to continue our family traditions.”

Roma has got into WorldSkills Russia national team after winning a silver medal at WoldSkills Russia National Competition 2016. Roma’s team ranked second back then.

Roma does really well at college and is actively involved in the life of his group and college at whole. In his free time Roma participates in competitions on track-and-field-athletics, football, volleyball, and international Olympiads on Biology. He is also a member of his college’s Club of the Funny and Inventive.

“Roma is a good student. He is a goal-oriented person and a man of good morals. He is a decent representative of their family occupation, a smart young gentleman of present-day Russia.” says his trainer and WorldSkills Expert Yekaterina Grachyova.