Vitaliy Gololobov

Vitaliy Gololobov

19 years old, Krasnoyarsk

Polymechanics and Automation

Vitaliy is the third year student of Krasnoyarsk Industrial and Metallurgy College. He joined WorldSkills by himself, simply being inspired by the results of previous competitors.

“My participation in WorldSkills allowed me to change my outlook on life and its priorities and also made me realize the globality of new skills being applied in the world. During a month of training for the competitions I have learnt more than one does in two years of studying at college on a standard academic programme!”

Vitaliy has already won two gold medals, one at the semi-finals and another one at WorldSkills Russia Moscow Region Final Competition. At WorldSkills High-Tech in Yekaterinburg, Andrey obtained the highest possible number of points even though having performed on a non-competitive basis.

“There is very little time before the start of EuroSkills Competition. We are doing our best to boost the working efficiency and have to work in quite stressed conditions. We do not really have any anticipations for the competitions, however everybody realizes our ultimate goal – to get into the medal count!”