Vitaliy Govor



Vitaliy Govor

21 years old, Saint-Petersburg


Vitaliy is fond of becoming a winner. He has 9 medal places over 4 years of his participation in different skills competitions, including WorldSkills. His only goal at EuroSkills Competition is to get into the medal count.

Vitaliy is a graduate of Saint-Petersburg College of Media Communications, Faculty of Programming of Computer Systems and this is where he learnt about skills competitions. “I first heard of WorldSkills at the Doors Open Day at my college. They told us about the experiences of students from our college who actually participated in SkillsFinland Competition called Taitaja. In 2013 I have decided to try my hand at Moscow Open Competition and ranked first in Web-design.”

We say – the farther in, the deeper. Vitaliy got the bronze at the WorldSkills Russia Interacademic Competition, then got the highest mark in “Web-Design” at the Saint-Petersburg Competition, then silver at the WorldSkills Belarus Republican Competition and other skills competitions like “MediaSphere”, “IT-Planet 2014/15” and “UI Challenge Turbina».

«My victories convinced me that nothing happens in life just by chance. They made me self-confident and developed love for my occupation.”

Except for faith and love Vitaliy’s numerous medal places have also brought him job offers. He has designed a corporate social networking website for the InterZet company and worked at Saint-Petersburg’s leading studio – ARTW.

“I kept working with some major companies on an NDA contract outside my office hours. In several years I am planning on receiving the Best Designer of the Year of AWWWARDS and CSSDESIGNAWARDS. Also, I would like to perform as a speaker at some famous designer conference.”

Except for Web-Design, passion for victories and love towards his occupation Vitaliy is also doing choreography, plays football, goes to combat sambo and karate. Other than that, in order to boost his self-confidence while performing in front of public during the Competition, Vitaliy has taken oratory skills classes.