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 About JuniorSkills


JuniorSkills –   A program of Early Career-Guidance and Basic Professional Training for School Students was initiated in 2014 by Oleg Deripaska Volnoe Delo Foundation in cooperation with WorldSkills Russia supported by the Agency for Strategic initiatives, Russian Ministry of Science and Education and Ministry for Industry and Trade.


Every school student can try different skills in different spheres including the so-called Future Skills. He learns from professionals and masters the skills getting an occupation by the time he finishes school.

The targets of the program:

Creation of new abilities for career-guidance and mastering of the actual and Future skills based on the tools of WorldSkills program relying on the progressive experience of Russia and abroad.

The official launch of the JuniorSkills program was given by the pilot competitions for the juniors within the framework of WorldSkills Hi-Tech in 2014, Yekaterinburg.

The program turned out to be extremely necessary: two more national JuniorSkills competitions were held in 2015 (within the framework of WorldSkills Competition in Kazan and WorldSkills Hi-Tech in Yekaterinburg); in 2016 31 region of Russia organizes JuniorSkills competitions in 27 skills; Belarus joined the JuniorSkills program and prepared the first JuniorSkills national competition. In 2016 Packages of materials were designed for JuniorSoftSkills and 17 skills at the international level: CNC Turning and Milling, Mobile robotics, Mechatronics, Electronics, Prototype modeling, Mechanical engineering design – CAD, Aerocosmic engineering, IT Network Systems Administration, Electrical Installations, Metal roofing, Laser Technology, Neuropiloting, Genomic Engineering, Internet of Things, Multimedia Journalism, Chemical analysis service.

JuniorSkills program is supported by the President of the Russian Federation: in his reports to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in 2014 and 2015 he noted the success of the juniors and the leadership of Russia against other countries in running such competitions and suggested uniting JuniorSkills and WorldSkills into a competition system named “Young Professionals” (the order of the President from December 8, 2015). On September 21, 2015, the President ordered to include JuniorSkills program into the new model of additional training system for children in Russia.

The key elements of JuniorSkills as a popular nationwide program that are created together with the development of JuniorSkills movement:

  • JuniorSkills standards on each element of the program including a package of materials on skills/professions, running of competitions, assessment system, intersectoral cooperation and regional development of the program etc.
  • System of JuniorSkills competitions: skill competitions for the school students aged 10-17 by WorldSkills methods: municipal, regional, local, corporative, county and national competitions within the framework of “Young Professionals” competition system.
  • JuniorSkills Academy: training of school students in modern careers and “Future skills”, training and certification of experts and mentors.
  • Economy of real actions: realization of business-projects by juniors, social and labor projects using professional skills.
  • Regional infrastructure: intersectoral working groups, JuniorSkills Regional Coordination Centers, skill centers, expert communities for teachers-mentors and practical specialists.


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