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How to join JuniorSkills project

JuniorSkills program was launched in autumn 2014 and became popular and recognized at the highest level (see About JuniorSkills). Now there is a mission to popularize JuniorSkills program – an integral part of WorldSkills movement.

You can initiate or become a leader of JuniorSkills movement development in your region, organize school, municipal, district and regional JuniorSkills competitions, become mentor for the team of juniors and member of JuniorSkills expert community.

Contact your regional educational management institutions, WorldSkills Regional Coordination Center to understand how JuniorSkills movement is developed in your region.

You can send an application form for subscribing for JuniorSkills newsletters.

JuniorSkills Direction has designed methodological recommendations and a model of a roadmap for JuniorSkills movement development together with other materials. (see JS. MaterialsJS).

Regional authorities and Regional Coordination Center do the following things for the development of JuniorSkills movement in regions:

1.Send a letter in a free form to the JuniorSkills Direction (see «JuniorSkills Contacts»).

2.Develop a roadmap of JuniorSkills development and sign it.


  • A regional coordinator of JuniorSkills (JuniorSkills Regional Coordination Centre) and supervisor from the authorities.
  • A list of skills actual for the region that school students can master.
  • Organizations that can potentially become skill centers for the school students in these skills.
  • Senior regional JuniorSkills experts in chosen skills for their inclusion into the national expert community of JuniorSkills.
  • Calendar of local and regional JuniorSkills competitions.
  • Budget for realization of JuniorSkills Roadmap including target programs for educational modernization and development.


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