The competition of essays and drawings – “Career”

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The results of the competition of essays and drawings – “Career”

On the 10th of March 2015 the all-Russian competition of essays and drawings “Career” was launched. School students from 7-9 grades and students from vocational schools from 85 subjects of the Russian Federation participated in it. The competition was held in frames of an application campaign for the right of hosting the WorldSkills Competition 2019 in the Russian Federation.

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation initiated this competition. Union Agency of development of professional communities and skilled workers – WorldSkills Russia and Naberezhnochelninskiy Institute of Socio-Pedagogical Technologies and Resources performed as organizers.

The contestants had three topics of choice and they had to make a drawing or write an essay. The works sent to the Official website were assessed by the competition commission consisting of leading specialists in culture and education.

The competent jury decided to choose Veronika Ermolaeva (teacher – Sharapova Gulnaz Minnahtyamovna), Almetyevsk Polytechnical technical school, Almetyevsk, as a winner in the drawing competition.

Bychenkov Pavel showed the best result in the competition of essay-writing (teacher – Manbetova Irina Aleksandrovna), Penza College of Food Industry and Commerce.

The winners get memorable prizes and an opportunity to present their works in a Russian bid delegation at WorldSkills Competition-2015, that will take place in August in Sao-Paolo (Brazil).

Besides, the teachers who trained the authors of the best works will get the honorary certificates from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The winners of the competition will be awarded with a commemorative booklet with the best works. The best quotations taken from the essays will be displayed on banners with authors mentioned at WorldSkills Competition 2019 in Kazan.

The competition attracted a lot of attention and experts assessed 1832 essays and 1329 drawings. The event became a truly all-Russian scale with contestants from all over the country: from Kaliningrad to Chukotka Autonomous Area; from Krasnodar region to Arkhangelsk region.

The expert Commission marks that the presented works demonstrated huge interest of the young people to skilled professions, a respectful attitude to the representatives of these professions and their own picture of skill excellence.

On behalf of the competition organizers Union “WorldSkills Russia” appreciates the teachers and directors of educational institutions whose representatives participated in the Competition and, of course, congratulates the winners and wishes them to go for their dream!