Robert Urazov gave a perspective of WorldSkills movement’s influence on the system of vocational education in Russia at Kazan Forum

Robert Urazov gave a perspective of WorldSkills movement’s influence on the system of vocational education in Russia at Kazan Forum

On March 3, Kazan hosted the first International Discussion Forum EDU Russia for professionals in the sphere of education in Russia that involved representatives of national education systems of 7 countries as well as 35 regions of Russia. At the plenary session of the Forum discussing human resource as the key element to the development of the regions of Russian Federation were the State Secretary Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Pavel Zenkovich and Director General of WorldSkills Russia Robert Urazov. The speakers shared the key activities of the Ministry of Education as well as WorldSkills Russia movement aimed at the development of human resources in the country.

Opening the meeting was the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov: “We have finally created an international experience exchange platform for education. Raising and keeping talents is the most important task for every region. It is important that talented young people could reach their goals at home.” In 2019 Tatarstan will host WorldSkills Kazan 2019 being the most important international event in the vocational education system, said Minnikhanov.

In general, except for the competition system, vocational education in Russia yet cannot compete with the leading countries of the world, said the Director General of WorldSkills Russia Robert Urazov. “Same could be said about our competition system, but we managed to improve the situation relatively fast”, – he said, recalling the time when the Russian national team ranked 41st at the Competition, and last year they won the first place at EuroSkills 2016 by total points scored.

Except for training students and graduates of secondary vocational education institutes, demonstrating their skills at skills competitions in all regions of Russia as well as world arena, Robert Urazov has also mentioned the preparation of masters and teachers at colleges and named it one of the main priorities of the WorldSkills Russia movement. “We have taken responsibility for training and retraining masters. Every year WorldSkills Academy will help 3 to 5 thousand masters of vocational training from vocational schools and colleges  to reach international standards of expertise”, – said Urazov. More than 760 masters of professional training have successfully completed our professional development programme. Besides that, the Union is now creating a bank of “professions of the future» called FutureSkills, which aims at preparing skilled workers who will be needed in the nearest future so as to implement Competition Standards into the industrial system of training, – he added.

The Secretary of State Deputy Minister of Education and Science Pavel Zenkovich also said that vocational education system in Russia should be modernized to face challenges of the XXI century. “The world is getting smaller due to new technologies, it changes rapidly, – said Zenkovich.  Our main task is to keep up with the progress. Some professions vanish away, others emerge.  Our students should be taught such skills that will enable them to be competitive.”  The Deputy Minister also said that education is a fundamental concept, and therefore one of the main tasks of the Ministry is to provide a universal educational field around the country.

The EDU Russia Forum is the first international discussion forum for the professionals in Russian education as well as all those interested in modern educational technologies. The aim of Forum is to implement high-quality content and discuss challenges and trends of modern education in Russia in order to bring out main issues and mains of solving them.

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