Upcoming Competitions of WSI members in 2016

Upcoming Competitions of WSI members in 2016
no. Name of Competition Date /venue/country
1 16th National Skills Competition – IRAN
January 30 – February 2, Iran
2 WorldSkills Denmark National Competition
Danish National Championship
February 4-6, Fredericia, Denmark
3 WorldSkills Hungary National Competition
National Skill Competition Hungary
April 18-19, Hungary
4 The Competition of the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) April 26-28, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
5 WorldSkills Finland Open Competition Taitaja 2016 May 10-12, Seinajoki, Finland
6 WorldSkills Sweden National Competition May 11-13, Malmo, Sweden
7 II Republican Competition WorldSkills Belarus 2016 May 17-19, Minsk, Belarus 
8 WorldSkills China National Competition May, China
9 WorldSkills Canada National Competition June 6-7, New-Brunswick, Canada
10 WorldSkills USA National Competition
SkillsUSA TECHSPO Trade Show
June 21-23, Louisville, USA
11 WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition
June-July, Hog Kong
12 WorldSkills Singapore National Competition July 7-13, Singapore
13 ASEAN Skills Competition
September, 19-29, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
14 WorldSkills Italy National Competition
WorldSkills Italy 2016
September 29- October 1, Bolzano, Italy
15 WorldSkills Taiwan National Competition September, Taiwan
16 WorldSkills Korea National Competition October, South Korea
17 WorldSkills Australia National Competition October 6-8, Melbourne, Australia
18 Nationals Skills Norway October 17-20, Bergen, Norway
19 WorldSkills Japan National Competition October 21-24, Yamagata, Japan
20 EuroSkills 2016 December 1-3, Goteborg, Sweden
21 WorldSkills Japan National Competition December, Japan
22 The Skills Show UK – WorldSkills Great Britain National Competition November, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland